Paid ad management

Stop paying without seeing any results

Ensure your advertising expenses aren't wasted


Instead of set and forget your ads, we know they need to be optimized almost every day. Some companies will only optimize your campaigns once a month which can be extremely expensive. With us, you are assured that campaigns are always optimized to get as many conversions as possible.

Facebook Ads & Google Ads


For us, this is the best way to quickly bring customers to your door, but it’s also a short to medium-term solution because the goal is for your customers to find you organically. Advertising can also be used during slow periods, like winter, to keep your team busy. Together, we’ll decide if Google or Facebook is the best option for you based on your region and competition.

Our Approach


According to us, the crucial aspect (and where many fail) is to optimize campaigns every two days. This involves precisely targeting the right people and gaining an edge over those who optimize only once a month.


Research is crucial in PPC advertising as it helps identify the right keywords, understand competitors' strategies, target the appropriate audience, create compelling ads, and allocate budgets effectively, ultimately leading to more successful campaigns.


Ad creativity and copywriting are important because they grab users' attention and effectively communicate your brand message. They also encourage interaction with your ad and help you stand out from the competition.

Frequently Asked Question

Why hire experts to manage my ads?

Many people advertise online, but few do it effectively. By hiring experienced experts in this field, advertising campaigns can generate excellent return on investment. Conversely, poor execution can quickly turn into a financial black hole resulting in significant losses.

For Meta (Facebook and Instagram), you can see almost instant and consistent results. However, with Google ads, the start is slower; it usually takes between 2-3 months before you see real results, but these are typically more significant.

It depends on your needs and budget. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. The best strategy, if budget allows, is to use both platforms simultaneously.

For small businesses, we suggest investing a minimum of $1500/month in advertising. For businesses making over one million dollars, we suggest between $2500 and $5000/month in advertising budget (management fees not included).

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, meaning you pay each time a user clicks on your ad. Unlike other models, like CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), where you pay for each display of your ad, with PPC, you only pay when someone interacts directly with your ad by clicking on it.

PPC and SEO both aim to appear in front of users on search engines. With PPC, you pay to be at the top of the results, while with SEO, you modify your site to appear higher in organic results.

We strongly recommend a strategy that combines both because our ultimate goal is to appear four times on the first page for your business’s most profitable keywords: in the top ads, on the map, in the organic map results, and preferably in the top position in organic results.

PPC requires a direct financial investment to generate immediate traffic, while SEO aims to obtain organic and sustainable long-term traffic.