How To Create A Compelling Brand Story For Your Construction Business

When you own a business in the construction industry, you operate in one of the most competitive fields imaginable. Construction businesses are legion, meaning it is hard to get the...


When you own a business in the construction industry, you operate in one of the most competitive fields imaginable. Construction businesses are legion, meaning it is hard to get the attention of the people and corporations who you would like to hire you. There are many reasons why gaining attention is hard : money for marketing, business reputation, local competition, demand for construction, etc. But one of the most important reasons is a lack of credibility. What is your business?

In the past, we were happy to hire the construction business that came recommended or who had the best prices. Now, more than ever, people want to hire businesses that chime with their personalities. This could be a construction business focused on green development or environmental care, a business that invests in its local community, or a business that has a specific focus on hiring people from a certain background.

The question, then, is how you go about creating this kind of interest. How do you let people know what your business is? In the modern world, you create a brand story for construction business clients to read.

What Is A Brand Story?

Brand stories are essentially the genesis of your business. Now, you might not have a story – not every business has the corporate equivalent of ‘our eyes met across the room,’ do they? 

But regardless of the truth, every good business has a brand story—a formulation story—about how it came to be, what drives it, what inspires it, and what problems it is fixated on resolving. People look out for these kinds of factors today when they hire a contractor. They want a business that does more than get the job done; they want personality.

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How do you create a brand story, then? It is not as complicated as it might first sound

Many believe that creating a brand story for construction businesses means coming up with something grandiose. A greater mission, a higher purpose. That does not have to be the case, though. A good, high-quality brand story can be built around something as simple as how the business founder got into the industry and what they want to focus primarily on resolving. What drives the business to this success?

These topics are by no means easy to reconcile, but it can be done with some thought and planning. To help you see what the process usually focuses on, here are some tips for ensuring that your brand story is compelling, believable, and heartfelt.

Creating A Brand Story For Construction Business: Getting Started

You might think, “Why do I need a story? We provide a service” – and in some ways, you might feel justified in that thought process. However, the two simplest reasons as to why you need a brand story include:

  • Brand stories build trust and add a human element to your corporate face 
  • Your competitors likely have one – you do not want to come across as generic

These reasons alone should be enough to understand why building a brand story is not something you should overlook. Some see a brand story as overly flowery or even somewhat misleading, but a compelling brand story can do a lot for your professional image. A brand story worth telling includes:

  • A summary of how your business came to be – what are its origins?
  • The history that makes your business a natural fit for your senior staff/founders
  • The values and principles that drove the business to be created in the first place
  • The mission of the business: what are the core goals on a day-to-day basis?
  • Workplace culture: what does your business pride itself on when it comes to staff? 

What Inspired Your Journey?

It is highly unlikely that you wound up within your industry out of luck or pure talent alone. If you work in a construction business, then it stands to reason that you had to study and work hard to reach this point. So, ask yourself what drove you to find your business in the first place. For many, it can be something as simple as following in the ‘family business’ or looking to resolve a problem faced in adolescence.

For example, a construction business might be built around offering solar panels. The founder could have grown up in poverty and wants to help the next generation avoid paying expensive power costs by giving them access to green energy and solar panel fittings.

It could be that the founder grew up in damp and mouldy accommodation and is determined to build high-quality, affordable construction projects in the future. Something inspired you to get into this industry; you need to work out what that is and make that the determining part of your brand story for construction business enterprises.

What Are Your Principles?

In the world of business, the adage that ‘these are my principles, and if you dislike them, I have others’ often applies. The customer is always right, as they say, meaning that many companies look to be quite malleable when it comes to their principles and ethics. However, that is off-putting to people hiring a construction business. No, you need something more concrete than this – you need principles.

It could be that your business is built on offering construction services at as close to the cost of materials as possible. There should be something that gives your business a focus ahead of simply making a profit. This is more ethereal as a concept so you will have to think carefully about what your principles are. Once you know where your principles stand, though, your brand story can come together much easier.

How Do You Change The Status Quo?

A common part that is often missing from a compelling construction business brand story is the resolution to breaking the status quo. Your business is offering a break from the norm, something different from the others. Well, that means breaking away from the status quo and offering a different pathway to progress. Break down what the status quo is that you look to break, and make it clear why this matters to you.

Most brand stories position your business as a disruption to the same old. It can be hard to see precisely how to do this in the construction industry but look at things like the cost of materials, length of guarantees, and more. For example, your rivals might offer an X-year guarantee for quality craftsmanship; can you top that? 

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The Evolution From Idea To Reality

As mentioned above, you should have some origin that inspired you to get into the construction industry. Well, how did you turn your dream into a reality? Try to explain this as vividly as you could. It could be that you offer a specific construction material that is rarely used but has high-quality results. Discuss in your story how you came to choose this and why you believe it is worth the hassle.

Find the connection between the origins of your business and where it stands today. It could be something to do with longevity and quality of work, or even something as simple as being innovative, such as using more green practices in your day-to-day construction, such as how you store or haul materials.

Avoid Fluff

One of the biggest problems with writing a brand story for construction businesses is we end up telling our life story. Nobody wants to read a novella about how your construction firm became as it is. If your brand story takes up more than a page, then it could probably be whittled down somewhat. Keep things tight and avoid needless fluff. Generally, a maximum of 1,000 words should be ideal for a brand story. 

Oh, and please do not invent events to make your brand story sound more exciting or unique. Your story is your story; avoid adding extra layers to make it sound like reaching this point was a struggle.

Showcase Milestones

Your brand story will benefit from having milestones. From when your founder first worked in the industry to when the company was founded, to things like your first completed project or review, these are milestones worth sharing. This also makes it easy to show how far you have come. For example, in your first year of business, you might have completed X projects; now, you complete that number in a month. 

Use those numbers and figures to highlight your experience, your growth as a business, and your development as an individual. These milestones showcase a sense of pride and growth and give the reader a clear idea of how you have reached this point.

Tell The Story Through Many Eyes

Most brand stories in construction are written from the perspective of the founder. That is great, but it is also good to bring in other perspectives. Your suppliers, your employees, your management staff, even your customers. This can be a good way to help add a more human element to the story and also give anyone reading the brand story a clear sense that your story is not simply coming from one perspective.

Peek Behind The Curtain

In a brand story for a construction business, it would be wise to include “how” you get things done. This could include things like the technology and tools you use, the regulations you follow, and the process you use to get the job done. Simple details like this go a long way to encourage the reader of your construction company brand story that you have a set way of doing things that are proven to work.

Deliver Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

As a construction business, it can be hard to know what you do that makes you truly unique from your competitors. It could be something like:

  • Using local building supplies only, focusing on quality over savings
  • Hiring staff from certain backgrounds or areas of the state you are based in 
  • Maintaining a certain guarantee for quality of work and longevity 
  • Completing projects on time and under budget every single time

Finding your USP as a construction business is not easy, but it is possible. Think about what you offer that makes you different, and use this to conclude your brand story. This shows your business in a human light but also helps to bring the discussion back to what matters: how you can help people build things.

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Stand out branding for construction

Take all of the above into account, and you should find it much easier to craft a compelling brand story. From how you got started in the industry and your milestones to what your goals are for the present and future, there are many useful things listed above that you should include in any brand story. 

Are you looking for help with building a brand story that is worth reading? Contact us today. We can help you formulate the foundations of your brand story, complete the story, and bring it to your current and future audience to help cement your business as one that can be relied upon.